Sunday, January 5, 2014

Check Out My Success, Part V: Player Paradise

Finally, it's the final installment of a series of posts I started in the final weeks of the year to finally show you all the cards I finally added to my Player Collections...FINALLY.

You know, I've been on a bit of a "schnide" (I think that's how Chris Berman spells it) with adding to my Player Collections other than 2013 editions. Yes, that is a choice I made, but it doesn't always have to be that way, which I proved with this portion of my COMC order.

We start with the obvious, the newly retired namesake of this blog. The Toddfather, himself. Todd Helton.

I couldn't quite leave out the 2013 theme in this post as you see with the Pinnacle Artist's Proof, but I'd been looking to add the All-Star Stitches card for quite a while now. It was overpriced for me on eBay, so I found this one for under $1.50 so I jumped on it. Add in the OptiChrome Limited and the Blue Bowman Chrome, and I'd say the post is off to a great start.

Speaking of cards I've been looking to add...

My LCS has had this same Helton/Kaz Ishii card for as long as I can remember with an outrageous price of $10 on it. Luckily, I've talked myself out of it more times than I care to count because I purchased the one above for 10% of his asking price! By the way, I had no idea UD was still doing Electric Diamond parallels in the 2000s.

Time to blow the dust off another almost forgotten Player Collection, Dan Uggla-style. Ok, so he was the second worse player on the Atlanta Braves in 2013. Doesn't mean I'll stop collecting him...for now.

I was unable to stay away from 2013 with Dan for one simple reason. 2013 is the only year I have my Uggla collection cataloged completely. I will have to redo my list sometime in the near future. So without a relatively good idea of what Dan I had in past years, I stuck with the ones I knew I needed. FYI, the A&G Minis are not completely the same. One is a A&G Back. Just trying to clear up any confusion.

From one second baseman to another, the last time I added a Freddy Sanchez to my collection was my last order at COMC...I think.

With a small start to the Sanchez PC, I knew these two would be a great addition. I really liked watching Freddy play the game. It was like everything was simple for him. Whether it was him and Jack Wilson (one of the best double play combos of my generations) roam the middle on the diamond in Pittsburgh or watching him lace a double in the caverns of AT&T Park, everything seem to come naturally. I'd love to seem someone, maybe Atlanta, give this guy another chance to play.

Finally, with the coming of Black Friday on COMC, there is a guarantee that someone is trying to get rid of some Gypsy Queen Variation Minis. This year, no different, of course.

Goldschmidt, CarGo and Longo all have a new home here with the Toddfather. Have I ever mentioned that I love when Topps uses photos of the Rockies in their purple unis. Always a great shot.

So there you have it. The highlights of my Black Friday buys from I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have. I hope everyone has had a great start to their New Year. Here's to a better 2014, no matter how good/bad your 2013 was.

Have a great night!!!

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  1. I have a ton of Sanchez doubles if you have any Pirate cards you would want to trade. Watching Jack and Freddy play on a daily basis was a real treat, even if the rest of the team was terrible. No matter what, you could tell they were genuinely having a good time just playing the game.