Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What I've Been Up To...

As you may (or may not) know, a while back I had a quandary of whether or not to separate any 2013 sets out of my Player Collections and start a binder just for them.

You see, this year I decided to go a different, and actually cheap route with my collecting. Unlike last year when I had my proverbial eggs in too many baskets (sets in this case), I have decided that outside of 2013 Series I and II I am collecting only certain players. The list of my needs can be found here.

So after reading the responses I got, I've decided to...START A NEW BINDER!

I am almost done fixing the pages and loading the cards. I'm still in search of an affordable 3 in. or bigger binder.

Anyway, to celebrate this new mini collection, let me show you the newest additions.

I own only a handful of 2013 A&G. Really like the design, but the only edition of A&G I've completed (2011) cost me an arm and leg to finish. I can deal with just a few, though.

I absolutely love this year's Chrome. The Purple Refractor is even better.

Noticing the Kimbel/Hosmer theme yet? In addition to them, you also see the newest member of my Rockies Player Collection, Gold Glove-winning third baseman Nolan Arenado. If Nolan's batting average can catch up to his Web Gems, my Rox should be sitting pretty on the left side of the infield for a while. As long as Tulo stays, that is.

Another Arenado and Jay, this time in the Chrome base joined by the 2013 Home Run Derby Champ.

Three Jays in a row, with two Fowlers and a Jay, the blue variety. For once, my scanner caught the absolute brilliance of the Bautista Platinum Gold. The Longo Sportsdisc is my second card from Panini's Hometown Heroes set. The first you ask? Homegrown Heroes Todd Helton, of course.

Have to show some Update love. These were actually my first chance to see this years rendition. Not too bad. Topps really stepped up its game with the Making Their Mark insert. By the way, I've not officially added El Oso Blanco to my player list. Just kinda starting a mini collection. Most of his stuff is out of my price range currently.

The Moose and Cargo are helping me close in on completing the Walmart Blue from Series I. Speaking of parallels, I hate Toys R Us Purple! That is all.

So, during my short absence, this is what I've been doing. Adding to my seemingly never-ending mini 2013 Player Collection. I will be posting pictures of my creation soon. In the meantime, I still need some help. Go to my PC tab up top or click here for the Google Doc containing my needs.

Have a great night everyone!!!

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