Thursday, November 7, 2013

Can I Have Your Opinions, Please?

In addition to the continuing saga of my 2012 Topps Chrome Purple and 2013 Topps Series II and Insertst set completions, I have been working on the completion of a different kind of project.

You see, I have documented almost every card of every player that collect that came out in 2013, excluding SSP, Mid-High End, and low number parallels. Once a card is in-hand, it is marked off the list, and goes into my PC binder.

This is the first time I've tried anything of this sort since this is the first time I've collected more than two players, Todd Helton and Dan Uggla, in at least five or six years. So far so good...I guess.

Since this is a different type of project for me, I was thinking of separating the cardboard a little differently, except Helton and Uggla.

Here is my thought. I would like to make a binder strictly for the 2013 PC cards, placing them in the book by set and ordering the cards by which they appear in the set. Base, insert, parallel, etc. Each cardholder in the sheet would be labeled with you is supposed to be there.

I have already bounced the idea off of Ashley, and she doesn't see the point if I'll eventually put them back with the other cards for whichever player. I can see her side, but at the same time, it is some different I've tried this year and could be a cool project.

My question for you guys, then, is obvious. What do you think of my idea? I know the decision is mine in the end, but I'd like some thoughts from my blogger friends. Feel free to comment different ideas if you have any as well.

Have a great day, everyone!


  1. I have pages in a binder for current Cubs favorites and prospects. Once they annoy me or leave the Cubs I put them in the "Past" Cub binder and cease collecting them. It's always to flip through the "Past" binder and remember the good ole days. I don't think they'll ever go back in a box... binders for life!

  2. I like the idea of giving them their own binder. Who says you have to mix them in later? Just keep that binder and you can always look back at it and recall the "joys" of putting it together.