Tuesday, August 20, 2013

It's Your Birthday...And I'll Celebrate!

Ladies and gentlemen. I'm not quite sure all of you have heard, but today the Toddfather turns the big 4-0!!! And what better way to say happy birthday than showing off recent purchases of the Mr. Helton on the blog named after him.

Normally, I like to save my most awesome buys for last to build up the suspense, but this time I'm gonna have to break routine. 

When I started collecting Series One, I was unsure if Todd would make the cut, so I vowed to myself that I would try to pick up at least one Camo and one Pink parallel of any body from the set. A few months ago, I added a Miguel Montero Camo, and all I needed was a Pink. Well, I got it!!!

Numbered 35/50!!! I'm beyond stocked. Upon finding this beauty in my mailbox, I promptly messaged a picture to Ashley exclaiming my excitement. This card and the next came from a Sportlots order. (I love that site!) Check it out.

I went from zero to two parallels in the matter of two days. Now, I just need 120 more...I kid, just 23.

If you thought those were sweet, you're right! And so is this one.

Believe it or not, but this is my first "full-size" A&G Relic. It just happens to be the birthday boy. Throw in a purple pinstripe, and there, my friends, is a great way to celebrate the Toddfather's Over the Hill party. 

Although Todd went 0-4 with an error, I declare any day I can show off new Helton pick-ups a huge success!

Maybe I should celebrate all my PC birthdays this way? I'll get right on it.

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