Monday, August 5, 2013

A House-Sitting Surprise

If you house-sit for someone, you normally either get paid or they bring you back a surprise. There can be other surprises involved in house-sitting, especially if they have to small dogs that are confined for most of the day. That was the case as I house-sat for my parents as they took a trip with my aunt and uncle up to Chicago. (Note: My uncle, bless his sole, is a life-long Cubs fan. No offense, Tom.)

Anyway, my parents asked me to stay with their puppies as my little brother did the same for my aunt and uncle. While I did come home to some puppy surprises, the best gift was the one for sitting on the dogs and the house.

You see, my parents didn't only go to Wrigley. On their way home, the stopped at the Louisville Slugger factory and brought this back for me.

Awesome, right? Now, let's zoom in.

Even more AWESOME!!! But that's not all...

And zoom in...

Freaking sweet.

Finally, even though my mom is a big baseball fan, she cares nothing for the Cubs. It just so happens they went on a giveaway night. What did they get, you ask?

Even though we barely know him as a North-sider, Kyuji Fujikawa got his own Bobblehead Night. 

Personal opinion, of course, but I think the payment was definitely worth the Doggy Duty. Don't you?


  1. "the best gift was the one for sitting on the dog"? Seriously? I always got yelled at when I tried to ride our airdale around the house when I was a kid.

    In all seriousness... that's a pretty nice haul. I especially like the monogrammed bat!

  2. If I got paid like that for house-sitting I'd beg people to leave all the time.