Friday, August 10, 2012

The Death of the 2012 Baseball Season

Yesterday was a sad day for the over-the-top baseball fans. A light day in the MLB was taken advantage of by the ever-powerful NFL and its first wave of preseason games. Lost in the shuffle of Peyton's first start as a Bronco and after major neck surgery and RG3's first NFL snaps was R.A. Dickey winning his NL-leading and major league-tying 15th win on the season. Even before the networks could get to the preseason games, they were reporting on the Dwight Howard soap opera. So baseball fans, hope you enjoyed the season, and unless you have MLB TV, you will not see or hear more than three baseball highlights per day. Have fun with your 11 months of sports domination football fans. I'll just be here watching the National Pastime!

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