Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Opening Up the Baseball Card Locker

Anthony over at Baseball Card Locker got in touch with me sometime last week with a trade proposal. Well, the deal is done and the package received. Looks like Anthony was hiding some awesome cards me in said Locker.

This Jay Bruce from Archive is great! I love that Topps brought back the '84 design for this set. I've loved the look of it since I was a young one. Definitely my favorite design of the set.

Anthony totally knocked out a huge chunk of my '11 Attax set. This Turner Field card does the park no justice. Not the best park I've been to, but it is the one I've been to the most. Living in East Tennessee, you're taught to be a Braves fan. Love the Braves and Turner Field.

Had to throw Dinger in there because...well, you know. I'm a Rockies fan.

David Price is just one of the many great player cards thrown in the trade. Others you ask? Hamilton, Molina, Cano, Felix, Rivera, Votto, Haren, CarGo, and Chapman. Awesome, right?

Finally, believe it or not, I did not have the Todd Helton card for the set. Of course, I did have it for my player collection. PC first, set last. All in all, a great trade. I couldn't be happier with the haul!

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