Thursday, August 30, 2012

eBay Mail Call

It's that time again, folks. MAIL TIME! Hooray. This week we have some real goodies. Thanks to this huge stack of Archives and a pending trade, I am just three cards short of completing the regular set. Also added that awesome Roger McDowell SP.

Next, I picked up a really nice lot of more Chrome Purple. Goldschmidt, Utley, Mauer, Hellickson, and Middlebrooks RC. Sweet, right. Freeman was also included but went straight to the PC. I have another bigger lot coming of the Purple. Once they arrive, they'll be posted. Trust me, my friends. Once they do, I'll put up my needs for trading purposes. Until then hit me up with a trade on any player from the set, especially Freeman, Uggla, and Mauer. (Gotta keep the girlfriend happy with the Mauer. Apparently he's a "hottie." Stupid Head & Shoulders commercial.)

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