Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Check Out My Success, Part III: Chrome/Finest Congregation

Time to bust out the shiny stuff! Last year's bout with 2012 Topps Chrome reeled me into the shiny, reflectory goodness that Topps has to offer.

The 2013 design is growing on me, and the Chrome versions are helping that along.

Yes, it's almost 2014, and I'm still talking about 2013 design. Leave me alone.

No base. Only refractors this go around. Apparently, my scanner thinks these should be purple, especially the Cargo. I'm actually only missing #42 J.P. Arencibia refractor.

If you've been keeping track, I've inadvertently been doing a countdown of my favorite 2013 sets.

3. Pinnacle
2. Bowman Platinum

Now for number one...I freaking love Finest!!!!!!!!!!! 

Great design. Awesome photos. Base, Refractor and X-fractor are visibly different. (Sometimes I can't tell unless I read the back.)

Two Refractors: Freeman and Tulo

Two X-fractors: Freeman and Tulo

Oh and one base: Freeman. (Already had the Tulo.) Two more purples, an X-fractor and a Die Cut. Can't get much better than that...unless, I got all the cards I needed, of course. But I digress.

Half way home in this five-part COMC series of posts. Any favorites so far? No favorites yet? Me either. I love them all!!!

Have a great night, friends.

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