Sunday, December 15, 2013

Check Out My Success, Part II: Panini Palooza

As I'm sure most would agree, Panini just misses the boat for me. Last year, Triple Play was a creative alternative to not being able to use MLB logos, but everything else just leaves me thinking, "Nah."

This year, Panini has really tried to step its game up. This time not just with Triple Play either. I love the throw back to Studio for the Father's Day promotion, Pinnacle, even the idea behind Hometown Heroes.

So I decided to give Panini another shot with my 2013 Player Collection binder. Wanna see?

The Prizm design is pretty similar 2012 but with better photography (personal opinion, of course). The Fowler is the only one I purchased because of the low price. CarGo, Hosmer and Longo all made it to the Byrd household for one reason...the colored jerseys. Gotta love the Rockies purple and the baby blue KC and Tampa support. Definitely winners in my book.

Although it's not the flashiest of set, Pinnacle is probably my third favorite set of 2013. It's the nostalgia, I guess. Takes me back to childhood in the mid-90s. So if you keeping track at home:
3. Pinnacle
2. Bowman Platinum
1. ???

Anyway, I even love the Tulo Prizm Fearless. Sweet idea and design. Maybe next year, Prizm will have a totally different design (we can only hope).  

Keep up the good work, Panini. Studio...Pinnacle...Next year, Score??? Please, oh please, oh please...

Have a great night!

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