Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

You would think that by taking a week of vacation during the week of my birthday that I would be able to write a post about what I did, where I went, what I got, etc. Well, to be honest, last week was more of a work week than my regular work week.

I won't get into the detail as I would like to not relive some of them. Instead, I'll share with you what Ms. Ashley surprised me with for my big 2-7.

No, not a badly taken picture with some idiots thumb in the way. A trip to COORS FIELD!!!

You see, Ashley knew Todd Helton was retiring this season. Call it woman's intuition. Call it asking me a million times. Call it asking everyone she knows that likes baseball. Call it what you will, she still knew.

So not only did she swing plane tickets (her dad is a pilot) and a place to stay (her brother was stationed at Peterson AFB). She came up with tickets to not one, but two games during the last Dodgers series!!!

Walking into Coors Field, staring at the surroundings and seeing the players warm-up, gave me one thought, "This just feels right!" 

I've been to quite a few major league stadiums, Turner Field, Old Yankees Stadium, Camden Yards, just to name a few, but walking into Coors was just a different feeling.

Honestly, I've only been a hardcore Rockies fan since 2006, but fandom apparently has no bounds as far as seniority goes.

Hands down, this is one of, if not the, most awesome birthday gift I have ever received. Pretty sweet, right?

[Note: Very few pictures because I was really into the games. Also, couldn't get a decent shot of Helton. Dumb phone.]


  1. Happy belated birthday, old man.

  2. Very cool birthday present. We went to Coors Field in 2010 and it was really a great park.