Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thanks be to eBay

Fellow Bloggers! Although we do depend on each other to help trade for sets and player collections, where is it that we go to find the abnormal and overprice, the inserts and jersey cards? eBay of course! Another one bites the dust in my Todd Helton "shrine." The one of which I speak? It's the 2012 Bowman Fire Red /25. Now I have one of each in my player collections. Dan Uggla numbered 17/25. My brand spankin' new Helton...15/25. Both cards via eBay. While they both cost more than I originally planned for, I got my money's worth. Without eBay, I don't know what I'd do since almost half of my player collections. So, next time you go to your mailbox and find a package you ordered from eBay, just think of where our sets/collections would be without the "e."

P.S. A picture will be up as soon as the Helton is in hand. Don't worry. I wouldn't leave you guys hanging like that.

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